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Circular Economy and its industrial applications is an intrinsically multidisciplinary field, while enrolled students will have a background focused on the specific topic of their undergraduate studies. Therefore, the PhD program will encourage the students to attend a wide variety of courses in different disciplines and of different level. Each student will be individually advised on the choice of courses, according to his/her scientific background and to the specific needs related with his/her research project. Students will have access to


  •  Courses from Bachelor programs offered by Torino University
  •  Courses from “Laurea Magistrale” (Master Degree)  programs offered by Torino University;
  •  Reading courses
  •  Advanced courses offered by internationally recognized experts that will be invited to teach in Torino
  •  Courses of Summer Schools offered by other Institutions (abroad or in Italy)


In order to complete the program each student should complete 60 credits from reading courses, advanced courses and the participation to seminars and/or Summer Schools. Part of these credits should correspond to activities with a final exam (4 courses with exams). 

Each student will have an academic tutor to suggest best choices for his program and to agree with the members of the Scientific Committee the contents for “ad hoc” reading courses, thought on the basis of his specific research plan.

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